Marija has a dedicated full-time producer, Emma. This ensures
that all aspects of your shoot are handled under the one roof
of team MIP! Every shoot can be managed by Emma from
beginning to end. This includes all aspects of pre-production,
on set production and post production. Our production services
include, but are not limited to, the following:

---    Comprehensive estimates and treatments
---    Detailed invoicing
---    Budget management and reconciliation
---    Fee negotiation
---    Pre-production
---    Concept development
---    Shoot logistics, management, scheduling and coordination
---    Attendance at pre-production meetings
---    Crew selection, booking and coordination
---    Booking and management of all external suppliers
---    Studio booking and management
---    Location sourcing, scouting, recces, management and permits
---    Location vehicles and transportation
---    Travel arrangements
---    On set management
---    Talent casting in casting studio
---    Talent permits, forms and all required paperwork (including child employment)
---    ‘Working with Children’ check supervisor on set
---    Set design and building
---    Lighting and equipment/gear hire
---    Props and wardrobe hire
---    Catering
---    Post production management (including digital post-production and retouching)