Marija Ivkovic is a renowned photographer who has turned her passion into a profession. Boasting a body of work that spans more than 17 years, she's built an impressive folio in fashion advertising. Given her ability to seamlessly adapt to any situation, her portfolio extends far beyond. 

The snap-happy soul lives in Melbourne, but travels the world with her camera in hand. Always the extrovert, her two great loves are photography and being surrounded by people. Her personality is reflected in her vibrant, dynamic images. 

Marija gravitates toward her subjects, and vice versa. Her charm, humility and breadth of experience make them feel relaxed before the moment is captured. And on top of knowing how to take a great picture, Marija has an extensive library of "dad" jokes, ensuring an abundance of laughter and positive energy at every shoot.

Her long list of clients can concur.

Marija is represented in Melbourne and Sydney.








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