It's over a year ago now that I travelled only 10,445 miles to Iceland! A long way to travel but definitely worth every uncomfortable plane ride, to arrive at one of the most amazing countries I have ever seen.

I ended up there after shooting the cover for Sarah Wilson'sI Quit Sugar cookbook in Copenhagen. On a whim, we decided to jet over to Iceland for a “w'oliday” (working holiday), and for a story for Sarah's blog. 

Iceland's population is approximately 320,000, with half of them living in the city of Reykjavik. Reykjavik is a small beautiful city filled with gorgeous quirky characters that have a very unique sense of style.

We ventured out on a road trip to the south of Iceland, where for 3 hours there were neither people nor cars in sight. It was an interesting, eerie vibe as we travelled through the wide-open landscapes, which I could only describe as what I imagine Mars to be like! We hiked up a volcano, bathed in volcanically heated pools, visited an ice lagoon on a boat and ate amazing traditional Icelandic food.

If anyone is after an adventure I highly recommend you visit Iceland!